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I provide psychotherapy to those who are seeking help with the ordinary and extraordinary challenges of life.

Psychotherapy is a unique and powerful process of investigation which requires curiosity, openness, and safety - all of which I will bring to our sessions.


I will help you skillfully navigate the pains and challenges of today, while fostering an understanding of how the past has played a role. Together, we will move at a pace that feels safe for you.


We will explore how to turn greater knowledge of self into greater happiness. When you understand yourself and your experiences in this profound way, you will experience greater peace.​

"Of all the many things that people value and care for in the world, the mind is the most precious. In fact, the mind is the foremost treasure in the whole world, so be sure to look after it well."

- Ajahn Mun


People often reach out to me with feelings of anxiety, depression, or some other pain - if this is you, I'm listening.

I often work with folks who are highly sensitive, feel different or misunderstood, have overwhelming emotions, struggle with relationships, have low self-esteem, are queer or questioning, or are seeking to develop identity, purpose, and meaning in life.

I have been a therapist for 14 years and am seasoned in helping people from different backgrounds and life experiences. I welcome all parts of you into the therapy space. I'm happy to speak more if you'd like to connect before setting up our first appointment! 

Bard College at Simon's Rock
Connecticut College
Boston College

CA LPCC #4818
CO LPC #0018661
MA LMHC #8510 LADC-I #12300
NY LMHC #011658



I offer both remote and in-person sessions. Remote sessions are available for those residing anywhere in California, Colorado, Massachusetts, or New York. 


In-person sessions are available at 1801 Bush Street, San Francisco, CA 94109. My office is located in Lower Pacific Heights and is easily reached from other neighborhoods in San Francisco and the Bay Area. There is an accessible entrance and easy on-street parking. 

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